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Year 5/6 Harbour Learning Trust League Game

  • October 9, 2023

On Monday 9th October, we travelled away to Woodlands Primary for our first league game in the new Harbour Learning Trust Football League. We had a 20 minute girls match and a 20 minute boys match.

Girls Match: Woodlands Primary 1 v 0 William Barcroft

Total heartbreak for the girls in this game. They played some good football and had a few chances to win the game. Ava played remarkably well up top beating defenders and having a few shots at goal. Anne did exceptionally well in defence: stopping attackers and clearing the ball well. Miley worked hard in midfield and had a shot that was saved by the keeper. The girls went in at half time 0-0. In the second half the Woodland’s number 7 turned up the tempo and played magnificently, definitely the girl of the match across both teams. In the final minute a shot just beat Brooke in goal and Woodlands took the lead. A close contest overall and the girls were unlucky not to walk away with something.

Boys Match: Woodlands Primary 0 v 0 William Barcroft

A good start in the league and a vital 2 points earned. The boys played well and had a few efforts. Freddie did well and had a few attempts missed and one that hit the post. In the 4th minute, a penalty was awarded to William Barcroft and the resulting penalty was saved by the goalkeeper. The boys continued to battle. The two teams went in at the break level. George, our goalkeeper, was man of the match with his second half performance. He made 4 vital saves and kept the score level. A decent performance with plenty to build on.

Thank you to Mr Bowden at Woodlands for hosting us, it was a great contest and we absolutely loved going to your school. Well done to everyone who played, you all played brilliantly.

Tuesday 10th October


On Tuesday 10th October, our year 3/4 basketball teams attended a development competition for basketball. We were placed into 3 groups, with the winners of each group being rewarded with medals. There were 9 competing schools altogether. We were in a group with Elliston Primary and Oasis Nunsthorpe Primary. The games were split into 2 halves with the boys competing the first half and the girls competing the second half.

Game 1: William Barcroft 6 v 2 Oasis Nunsthorpe Primary

First Half: The boys started well but found themselves 2 points behind after Nunsthorpe scored a basket. just before halftime, Archie scored a fantastic basket to level the game.

Second Half: The girls came out and battled well. They dominated the game and did well to put off Nunsthorpe by standing in front of their shots. Demi and Savannah both scored hoops to win the game for William Barcroft.

Game 2: William Barcroft 6 v 0 Elliston Primary B

First Half: The boys started well and definitely played better in this game than in their first game. Archie scored a basket early on to put us 2 points ahead. The boys did much better at blocking shots and making themselves as big as possible to put off the opposition.

Second Half: The girls started fantastically and managed to score 2 baskets in this game. Demi and Savannah again scored the baskets. The girls played much better this game as well. Their passing was better and they were wonderful to watch.

Overall, we came out winners of our group. The children were rewarded with winner medals and they thoroughly deserved them. Massive well done to everyone, you should be extremely proud of yourselves. Thank you to Grimsby Pheonix for hosting the event and supporting the children amazingly. Behaviour was fantastic from the children and you represented yourselves and the school perfectly.