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Science Week

  • March 13, 2023

Awe and wonder filled our school, during science week; in all year groups the children became scientists and followed a variety of enquiries.


The children in year 3 investigated the effects of light and shadows: they followed enquiries to discover what happens when light is reflected; they investigated the effects of the light from a light source being blocked and looked for patterns in shadows.


Year 4 built circuits, which they controlled with switches- they were able to trouble shoot and fix any circuits which stopped working. They had a fabulous afternoon investigating insulators and conductors by testing real life objects.


In year 5, the children investigated forces: they learnt about the force of gravity and who discovered it. Lots of links were made to real life and careers. They researched the best materials and shapes for a parachute to have maximum air resistance. They absolutely loved following an enquiry to test how the surface area of a parachute affects the air resistance, which was a question they came up with themselves.


The children thoroughly enjoyed sharing their love of science with their parents/carers, during our science week. A buzz filled the air, in all sessions: the year 5 children were engineers designing bridges; year 4 became electricians and built a buzz wire game; year 3 were physicists exploring light refraction by building periscopes.